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Copley Health Alliance

Chiropractic & Massage

Boston | Copley Square | Back Bay

Treatment for Whiplash, Disc Herniation, Back Pain,
and Spinal Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents

We provide Chiropractic care for you and help you better document your case!

Treatment for Whiplash Disc Herniation Back Pain
and Spinal Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents
We offer individualized care to meet your specific needs, relieving your pain and getting you back to your normal activities as quickly as possible. The truth is that insurance companies do not compensate you for your injuries, they compensate you for your documented injuries. We provide state of the art care based on scientific research, coordinating your care with other medical specialties to make sure you get what you need to get better. Properly documenting care so that you are fairly and adequately compensated is our mission.
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