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Copley Health Alliance

Chiropractic & Massage

Boston | Copley Square | Back Bay



“You can go through life in pain or get the right treatment to fix and heal your pain. Dr. Kiehn (D'Agostino) helped to repair and improve my neck/back/hip and leg pain. Her devotion and knowledge of chiropractic care was so helpful.”


“Dr. D'Agostino is a caring and attentive chiropractor. She tailors your treatments to your lifestyle and long term health objectives. I’ve been a patient of hers for five years.”


“I have been visiting Dr. D'Agostino for about 14 years. She has treated me for everything from foot injuries to neck problems to insomnia. I wish she could correct my baldness. I highly recommend the good doctor. Her care, knowledge and practice are exceptional. I credit my continued health and level of activity with the treatments she has given me over the years.”


“Dr. Kiehn (D'Agostino) offers supportive health-related alternatives as well as chiropractic care, and seeks to maintain a healthy balance in her patients, and is attentive to their overall well being. Certainly the most thorough in her field that I've been to.”


“Dr. Kiehn (D'Agostino) is a saint! She cares, she treats, and she makes a difference. Back and necks shouldn’t be taken lightly or for granted. I trust her implicitly with mine. That’s why when I’m back home visiting, I always stop in for a tune up!!”


“Dr. D'Agostino has created a mixture of services that go to the root of each problem area. She can release the pain. There is no reason to live with pain. I thoroughly recommend ending unnecessary pain and living life fully.”


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